President:                                      Mr Harry Hovasapian


Vice President:                             Mr Daniel Walker                                    


Secretary:                                      Mrs Libby Hovasapian


Treasurer:                                      Mrs Donna Anderson


Junior Coordinator:                        Mr Mark Burke


Registrar:                                        Mrs Donna Anderson


State League Coordinator:                           Mr Dave Reading


Working With Vulnerable people:                      Mrs Donna Anderson




Canteen Helpers Needed: 

On days when the Premier League plays at Nijong we need help in the Canteen. We need people who can come in and work in the canteen for 1 or 2 hours once a month. You don't need to have experience - everyone is really friendly. The canteen will be setup for you, so you just need to serve and if possible cook on the BBQ which is really easy.

We would like to be able to create a roster so each person only needs to help once or twice in a season.

Please email Libby at if you can help.

Thank you!